Wandelkaart Altai Mountains | EPW

Full colour topographical map covering the South and North Chuiskii Ranges, and Katunskii Range.
With extra mountain pass information included.

€ 18.50

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Wegenkaart landkaart Sikkim India Northeast | ITMB

Een degelijke kaart met aanduidingen van o.a. nationale parken, vliegveld, benzinepomp, dirt-roads en kleine plattegrond van Calcutta. Beschrijft de punt van India tussen Nepal en Buthan.

De ene zijde van de kaart omvat Sikkim, schaal 1:135.000. De andere zijde van de kaart omvat Noordoost India, ten dele Nepal, Myanmar en China, schaal 1: 1.500.000. Kaart van Calcutta en Calcutta met omgeving.


Sikkim is an autonomous state between India and Chinese-controlled Tibet, much as Bhutan. It is a wonderful, mountainous country to visit, with reasonably good goads going far to the north, well into the Himalayas, and interesting temples/pagodas to see, as well as the fabulous Fam Rong Lho Wildlife Sanctuary. As anyone visiting this remote state needs to pass through the northeastern area of India to reach Sikkim, we have include a complete, detailed map of Bengal, Bihar, Meghalaya, and the Assam states as well as of the portion of Nepal abutting Sikkim, and an inset map of Kolkata. The map starts at Kolkata and extends to the Tibetan border, and from Patna in the west to the border with Burma -a lovely area of coverage- value added without an increase in price!

Legend Includes:
Roads by classification, Airports, Point of Interest, Public Overseas Phone, Hospitals, Police Station, Inspection Stations, Tourist Information, Stupas (Chorten), Monastery (Gompa), Buddhish Temples, Hindu Temples, Churches, Mosques, Camping grounds, National Park, Harbour, Border Gate, and much more.




€ 11.75

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Wegenkaart landkaart 2 India West | Nelles Verlag

Goede kaart van een deel van India. Aan beide kanten bedrukt. Met veel toeristische aanduidingen als nationale parken en culturele bezienswaardigheden. Prima leesbare kaart.

Detailkaart: Mumbai (Bombay) 1 : 300.000
Stadsplattegrond: Delhi 1 : 50.000

one of five maps in a series covering India at 1:1 500 000 scale. Folded road and tourist map of western India, including edge of Pakistan to the west, Chandigarh to the north, Pune to the south and Bhopal and Delhi to the east. Points of interest, national parks, and railways are all highlighted and shaded-relief colouring clearly depicts the topography. 

The map includes insets showing central Delhi at 1:50 000 and Mumbai (Bombay) region at 1:300 000. The legend is in English, French and German. The other titles in the series are India East, India North, India North East, and India South. Nelles also produces a map of the whole Indian Subcontinent at a scale of 1:4 500 000.
For over 20 years Nelles maps have been renowned throughout the world for their quality, faithfulness to detail and up-to-dateness. 
So that streets, ferry links, railway lines, etc are always up to date, Nelles are continuously upgrading their maps - with the help of their international team of correspondents. Roads are provided with an exact kilometerage. Sights are highlighted extra clearly so that you don't miss any tourist attractions.
A good map must be hard-wearing and allow itself to be folded up simply and quickly. Nelles Maps are a handy pocket size with the reliable, practical concertina fold. In addition they use an extra high-quality speciality paper resulting in considerably increased fold strength.


€ 11.95

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